Through its subsidiaries, namely PT Kimia Farma Apotek, the Company became the leader in the pharmaceutical retail market with the number of 800 pharmacies. The addition of pharmacy outlet became one of the KFA's strategy to increase its market penetration such as through franchise program.

Health Clinic

As the implementation of a vision become an integrated health corporation, the Company developed a product services with integrated pharmacy. Health clinic and the clinic laboratory. The business unit that run by KFA since March 2009 provides curative treatment services, first level emergency handling, minor surgery, childhood immunization, periodical health screening service, examination of pregnancy and the baby, family planning, early detection, limitation medic rehabilitation, health counseling, primary Health and Work Safety, home care service and citation. In 2016 there are 350 clinics spread all over Indonesia in the form of main and small clinic .

Clinic Laboratory

The clinic laboratory was built to complement the Company's portfolio business. It runs medical check up business. Since January 2010 the operations have been handed over to KFA in the form of a subsidiary called PT Kimia Farma Diagnostika (KFD). In the year 2016 KFD has 43 branches scattered in several cities in Indonesia.