Kimia Farma put customer satisfaction as a service that is fundamental and essential. It is based on the belief that the customer services is one of the stakeholders that have a central role in ensuring business continuity, so it is a major partner in developing the business in the future.

As a commitment and put the fullfitment of the expectations of the customers as a top priority, Kimia Farma implement social responsibility to the customer through strategic services, which provide security and savety of our customers, improve the quality of services provided to customers, improve ease of acces to information and customer services, and provide customer complaint center

1. Customer Security & Safety

Based on Law No 36 of 2009 on the health chapter 7 "Everyone has the right to receive information and education about the health of a balanced and responsible", therefore one function of the contact center that facilitates the access of customers to be able to consult on the use of drugs that either and right directly with pharmacist so security and customer safety use of drug can be assured. The pharmacist consultation services as well as an effort to promotive and preventive approacth to improving public health

2. Access to Information and Complaints

To support customer satisfaction, Kimia Farma provides information center facilities and services and can be accessed through multiple channels :

1500-255 kimiafarma.ind @kimiafarmaind Kimia Farma Care
Jl. Veteran No.9, Jakarta Pusat - 10110    

3. Customer satisfaction survey

4. Commitment to quality

Mechanism of Complaints through Kimia Farma Care

In order to provide the best service, Kimia Farma is obliged to prepare a container to get closer to customers. Through Kimia Farma Care, customers can easily get various information about Kimia Farma Group, consult with competent pharmacists and submit complaints or complaints. All of these things can be easily conveyed by customers through Call Center 1500-255, social media facebook/twitter/instagram and via official Kimia Farma's email