The SME funding program is given to enhance the capabilities of micro and small enterprises to be resilient and independent through the form of fund loan sourced from revolving funds. Through this program, Kimia Farma helps MSME that has been Kimia Farma's fostered partner to become the next level MSME. Kimia Farma has 7 (seven) criterias in order for the partner to be better through business capacity enhancement, that is increase in the number of employees; increase in the number of loans; increase in production capacity; increase in earning; society engagement to produce products; product marketing in cities and abroad; obtaining national/international certificates.

Kimia Farma has 374 active fostered parners within the MSME category of health and agriculture as well as creative industry. The type of business in the health and agriculture industry covers herbal raw material and health products. Meanwhile, the type of business in the creative industry sector covers food and beverage, fashion, and craft. Kimia Farma's fostered partner are spread around Bali, Banten, DI Yogyakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, Lampung, West Nusa Tenggara, and West Sumatera.

Requirement to become Kimia Farma's fostered partner :

1. Indonesian

2. Has not yet obtained access to banking

3. Stand-alone

4. Company/Business Entity/Non-Business Entity including micro enterprise and union

5. Prioritizing micro enterprise and small enterprise located in SOE work area

6. MSME with the type of business that is in line in the sector of and/supporting the core business of the company and potentially to be developed in the sector of health and agriculture industry as well as creative industry

Steps to Propose Kimia Farma's SME fund loan :

1. Fill in the registration on :

2. Admin will inform the potential partner that passed the administration stage through WhatsApp

3. If passed the administration stage, continue to filing stage (shipment of physical proposal) by downloading the list of filing document and template on :

4. The required physical document include :

- Loan Application Letter : klik di sini

- Capital Load Application Letter (SPPM) : klik di sini

- Last Year's Profit/Loss Statement : klik di sini

- Statement Letter of Not Receiving Fund from Other SOE (SPTSM) : klik di sini

- Finance/Sales Statement of the Last 3 Months (Daily transaction)

- Simple sales cash flow of January-July 2022

- The list of assets currently owned as well as its estimated value (not including land and house)

- 1 sheet of 4 X 6 photo of owner and husband/wife

- Photo of identification card (KTP), family card (KK), and Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)

- Photo of electrical bill and land and building tax (PBB)

- Photo of front page of saving account and saving mutation for the last 3 months

- Photo of house from front, side, and inside

- Map of house (similar to party invitation)

- Photo and map of business location

- Photo of product (clear with its packaging)

- Active letter of business number (NIB) of Micro and small business license (IUMK)

5. Physical proposal can be delivered to : Kimia Farma Head Office (Jl. Veteran no. 9, Jakarta Pusat) Up : CSR (TJSL) Admin 081290764028

6. Received proposal will be verified, if passed the verification process then a location survey will take place

7. Next, an analysis of future partner worthiness will take place, if passed then the signing of contract will take place and continue to the disbursement

The form of SME Funding Program 

1. Work capital funding to enhance the development of MSME business, fostered partner will receive funding of a maximum of Rp. 250.000.000 (two hundred fifty million rupiah) with a tenor of maximum 3 (tree) years with administration service of 6% (six percent) per year

2. Additional loan, fund that is made for business activity of fostered partner that is short range, in order to fulfill the order from business partner of short-range fostered partner of a maximum of 1 year to fulfill the order from MSME partner with a maximum loan of Rp.100.000.000,-

3. The loan duration follows the contract and can be extended according to worthiness and need

The registration of Kimia Farma's SME funding program is free of charge. Please be aware of false parties using the name of Kimia Farma. Validate any information by contacting CSR (TJSL) Admin on 081290764028.