1. Approval of the Company's Annual Report including the Board of Commissioners' Supervisory Duties Report for the 2023 Financial Year, and Ratification of the Company's Consolidated Financial Report which includes the Social and Environmental Responsibility Program Implementation Report ending on 31 December 2023, as well as ratification of the Micro Business Funding Program Financial Report and Small Businesses for the 2023 Financial Year, as well as granting full repayment and release of responsibility (volledig acquit et de charge) to the Board of Directors for actions in managing the Company and the Board of Commissioners for Company Supervision actions that have been carried out during the 2023 Financial Year

2. Approval of the Use of the Company's Net Profit for the 2023 Financial Year

3. Determination of Remuneration (Salary/Honorarium, Facilities and Allowances) in 2024 for the Company's Board of Commissioners and Directors

4. Appointment of a Public Accounting Firm (KAP) to audit the Company's Consolidated Financial Report and the Micro and Small Business Funding Program Report (PUMK) for the 2024 Financial Year

5. Report on the Implementation of the Conversion of Mandatory Convertible Bonds (OWK) into shares in order to increase the Company's capital, as well as approval for granting authority to the Company's Board of Commissioners to state the amount of increase in issued capital and paid-up capital

6. Approval of the Company's financial restructuring proposal as intended in Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Regulation No. PER-2/MBU/03/2023 of 2023 concerning Guidelines for Governance and Significant Corporate Activities of State-Owned Enterprises

7. Changes in the Composition of the Company's Management