In the last five years, PT. Kimia Farma incentive to business transformation from the original as a pharmaceutical company into a health care company.

Kimia Farma success running the business transformation makes HR Kimia Farma won an award Asia's Best Companies To Work For in AsiaTM an award in the field of Human Resource (HR) recently.

In the past, people familiar with the company's first pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia which was established by the Dutch government in 1817 as a manufacturer of the drug alone. But the magnitude of the Indonesian population a teaser for the drugmaker origin other countries such as China, USA, and European countries. Competition in the pharmaceutical industry increasingly stringent encourage Kimia Farma required to improve itself to innovate and including the transformation of the business not to compete.

Past and present
According to Drs. Pujianto Apt. MM, Director General & Human Capital PT. Kimia Farma, within the last five years, Kimia Farma business development by conducting a massive transformation, ranging from vision, mission, up to the corporate culture. "All changed, from a business that had pharmaceutical company into a healthcare company, clinics and dispensaries are increasingly numerous and spread in Indonesia, and eventually we will also build the hospital (RS)," said Pujianto when met Human Capital Journal in his office.

The vision and mission of the company Kimia Farma is to be healthcare primary choice of integrated and generate sustainable value, perform business activities in the fields of chemical and pharmaceutical industry, trade and distribution networks, retail pharmacy and health services and the optimization of assets, managing the company's Good Corporate Governance and operational excellence supported by HR professionals, and provide added value and benefits for all stakeholders.

Recognized Pujianto, the key to success in running the company's vision and mission is the role of human resources. "HR is a partner of the company's business units, then we also need to transform HR. If the first HR as a spot human resources alone. Now we think of as human capital or assets that should be developed. If not developed the affection and will instead be the company's expense. We want to contribute to the assets of the company, "he said. As a division commander in Human Capital, Pujianto even started the transformation by overhauling the system of human resource management including employee remuneration in Kimia Farma.

As a government-owned company, promotion of employees at that time was based on the length of work. Now it is out of the way done. Performance or the employee's performance as a benchmark of employees to rise to a higher level. "It used to be a senior who was the first riding title. But now no longer. Now the mock grading, it is no longer based on the rank, "he said.

Grading system makes every employee is required to have appropriate competence before boarding a higher level. Similarly, if there is a vacant position or title, an employee must have competence in accordance with the position or positions vacant. Then some of the candidates will be assessed and judged to have been in accordance with their competence. "If it used to be sitting in the office of the new measured and seen whether its competence or not. If less we give training and development. If now must have competence in accordance with the job, "said the man born in Boyolali, Central Java with enthusiasm.

For example, for an assistant manager wants to be a manager, have to pass through three ranks first. One of rank can be achieved with a minimum of 5 years work. "Imagine, it took 15 years or more to become a manager. If now it is not so, "he continued.

Now the employees do not have to wait long to rise to a higher level. if there are employees who have the appropriate competence and good, had a good track record, there is a vacancy, and pass the assessment, he was able to fill these positions.

manage Talent
Mutation was performed as part of employee development. "If only tour of the day, it should not be down-grading her. But if the employee was not a performance, it could be down-grading or even demotion, "he explained. How this would trigger the spirit of employees to improve their competence and performance of employees.

As alluded to whether the unrest in doing this transformation, firmly Pujianto answer if his team has so far not experienced any problems since all is done according to the rules. "There was no resistance from the employees about this transformation. Subject career, mutation, and so all is set, so there is no denying, "he said, smiling.

Collect and manage the rising star was done by Kimia Farma. The talent is given a wide range of education, training, and development to improve their ability and potential. "We also held the arts, culture, and sport as an extracurricular or their added value," he said back. Kimia Farma map the talents and sub talent to be prepared if one day occupy existing vacant positions. "We're mapping the talents, where they are squared. If competence is nice but its bad track record, it may be incorrect placement. Because it was built it different. For sub talent, too. For a great talent and has a good track record, will be developed further so that he has a good chance, even down to the level of directors, "he explained at length.

Preparing leaders now done since the time of recruitment. "We always told the graduates that will go to Kimia Farma, you are prepared to be a leader, be a director of the company," added the man graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Gadjah Mada. No wonder if now at the age of 30 years and over, they've been able to reach the position of manager even one of the directors in subsidiaries are recognized Pujianto Kimia Farma anyone aged 42 years.

Kimia Farma also provides an opportunity for a good career to those who will soon retire. "I always challenge my friends who want to retire in 5 years, they could continue a career that can go up two levels. Maybe if the old days, if you have 5 years to retire, will not be able to go up grade. If now I think we could alone. Even one more year to retire could go up levels. The important thing to keep the spirit even though that will be retired, "he said with enthusiasm.

culture ICARE
At present, out of a total of 8056 employees Kimia Farma scattered throughout Indonesia, Gen Y population now reaches 46%. However, comparing the number of population genetics X and Gen Y just is not an obstacle for him to transformation. For him, the corporate culture even be unifying the two generations. "All employees should be under the same culture. If the gene X is stronger in penguasaaan hard skills, then Gen Y is more into soft skills, "he admitted.

Kimia Farma establish corporate culture which is the core values ​​of the company, the I C A R E (Innovative, Customer Fisrt, Accountable, Responsible and Eco-Friendly) as the reference / guide for companies in running their business, to work to improve the quality of life and public health. Innovative, culture means thinking out of the box, smart and creative to build a superior product, while the Customer First aims to give priority to customers as miitra employees work. Accountable means to always be responsible for the mandate entrusted by the company to uphold the profesialisme, integrity and teamwork. Responsible means to have a personal responsibility to work on time, on target and reliable, and constantly strive for strong and wise in dealing with each issue. And the latter Eco-Friendly, intends to create and provide better products and services that are environmentally friendly.

He added, to run the company culture, the company creates 5 As a spirit of enterprise culture. Each employee must Work Ikhlas (Ready to work sincerely selflessly for the common good), Work Smart (Capacity of learning fast or fast learner and provide the right solution), Hard Work (finishing the job by mobilizing all the ability to get the best results), Work Antusi (a strong desire to act with passion and enthusiasm to achieve common goals), and work completed (doing work on a regular basis and completed to produce the maximum output in line with expectations).

All are focused on running the ICARE culture. "We also created a cultural agent or the agent of change (AoC) as many as 100 people to become change agents Kimia Farma and instilling a culture of ICARE at all employees Kimia Farma," he added. The AoC trained for one week before they went to the field. Then routinely the AoC that exist throughout Indonesia in-remaining by their manager. "Even three times a day, announced the company culture so that employees would return kerjapun hear announced corporate culture. It should be embedded in the hearts of all employees, "continued Pujianto.

By doing so, pride appears in the hearts of employees, so do not be surprised if Kimia Farma was selected as one of the best places to work in Indonesia or HR Asia's Best Companies To Work For in AsiaTM of HR Asia in early April 2016 ago. Kimia Farma managed to become the winner of Chemical and Pharmaceutical sector industry from 138 companies of various industrial fields in Indonesia surveyed. Companies winners selected through a survey of employees based on years of representation in the company that examines employee engagement, corporate work environment, the activities of human resources, employee engagement and work satisfaction level.

An obsession Pujianto is creating leader-leader who not only can take part in, but also outside. "I wanted to create a leader-leader who sell out, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Nowadays we are so bank pharmaceutical personnel in SOEs, "said the sports fans of football, tennis, and badminton. Kimia Farma should be proud. Currently the directors who served on several pharmaceutical companies such as Indofarma comes from Kimia Farma. Pujianto realized, creating quality talents is not an easy thing. But he remains optimistic Kimia Farma can be a corporate university for leaders before they were acting outside. (Ratri Suyani)


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