One strategy that is proven to help companies to survive is to innovate. Appropriate innovation in both the production process and the final product is capable of supporting the company's performance in order to compete and survive the times

Business innovation is the organizational process in introducing ideas, workflows, methodologies, and new product or service. Innovation generally refers to changes in the process, or the creation of processes,products, and ideas more effectively. Innovation can be created from their creativity runs in a company


In order to appreciate the innovative companies that, given the 'Warta Ekonomi - Indonesia Most Innovative Business Award 2017'. To determine the companies selected as winners 'Indonesia Most Innovative Business Award 2017' the research team Warta Ekonomi do research methods Desk research. A series of research activities since reseach desk stages until scoring companies conducted on December 27, 2016 until January 20, 2017


"In determining the candidates the right company, the research team Warta Ekonomi searches using desk research methods. Candidates are determined based on the annual reports, and monitoring of research teams Economic News on innovations that have been made by the company concerned.


Based on desk research that has been done, there are approximately 250 companies classified as an innovative company, and the companies are divided into various categories from a wide range of industries, "said Mohammed Ihsan, chief editorof Warta Ekonomi

Attended by the Director General of Domestic Trade, Ministry of Commerce Oka Nurwan, as well as the invitation to receive the award. The award was presented by Fadel Muhammad as the founder Warta Ekonomi magazine


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