For the several time, Kimia Farma product was awarded Top Brand Award 2017 by Marketing Magazine and Frontier Consulting Group.

Survey conducted on more than 100 brands in Indonesia from various industry categories that have managed to achieve the three parameters of the brand that is "Top of the Mind Share, Top of Market Share and Top of Commitment Share.In the language of consumers, Top Brand winning brands are brands that Widely known by consumers in Indonesia, widely purchased by consumers and creating loyalty for consumers.

Kimia Farma product that was awarded as Top Brand 2017 this time is ASIFIT. Products that are herbal products that can facilitate breast milk. To note ASIFIT has the content of leaf extract katuk empirical empirical has been tested able to increase and launch milk production.

To note that the government incentive in promoting the provision of breast milk (breast milk) for babies and breast milk is the most perfect nutrition because the composition of nutritional substances complete and balanced. Early Breastfeeding Initiation (IMD) is the beginning of a mother feeding her baby as soon as she is born into the world in the first hours. This is one of them to ensure that infants receive colostrum ("first milk"), which is rich in protective factors (immune substances).

"With ASIFIT, smooth, well-groomed, smart child Hopefully by achieving this achievement, ASIFIT can be a Product that helps Indonesian Young Families Couple in Breastfeeding Process so that Babies get Breastmilk from their mother's quality Infants who get Breast Milk Intake will be Generation Gold Indonesia, "Pujianto said when receiving the TOP Brand award at Hotel Mulia Senayan, South Jakarta, Thursday (07/20/2017).


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