The health market map has been disrupted along with the implementation of the Health BPJS program. Because, now people who are sick can be covered with BPJS. This has an impact on the Kimia Farma business process, which originally lived from the government market sector.

 "So, what used to be Kimia Farma provided drugs that treat sick people, now (the medicine) has been handled by BPJS. We actually can no longer get patients if we don't do anything, "said Pujianto, Director of Kimia Farma's Business Development at the National Workshop Series on Innovation and Technology in Jakarta on Wednesday (1/16/2019).

Therefore, Kimia Farma transformed into a healthcare company. In the next development, Kimia Farma created a doctor's clinic and this was needed by the BPJS. "After Kimia Farma, the drug has been used by BPJS, our medicine has been standardized. We have many products, clinics and laboratories. However, we are not satisfied there. We want to aim at people who are not only sick, but want to be healthy and beautiful, "Pujianto explained.

 He also added, "We are aware that it turns out that in Indonesia, for health it can no longer be developed, but there are opportunities (markets) for Indonesian people who not only want to recover from disease, but also want to build a healthy lifestyle and be beautiful."

 In connection with this vision, Kimia Farma has developed many products for lifestyle and cosmetics for the past three years, namely Marck's and Venus products. Marck's is a lightweight cosmetic product while Venus products focus more on heavy cosmetics.

Pujianto said his party was more free to move in the cosmetics industry because in terms of prices it was not regulated by the government. In addition, from the promotion side it is easier to encourage consumers to buy products.

In the future, Kimia Farma plans to work on the cosmetics market from upstream to downstream, such as its predecessor business, drugs. The construction of a beauty clinic is one of the implementations of this vision.


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