PT Kimia Farma (Persero) Tbk organized a bazaar selling daily needs with cheap price in Lebak Wangi village and Batukarut Village, Arjasari District, Bandung, West Java

Operation of the bazaar are realized in the sale of food packages cost as well as a social activity in Indonesia's largest pharmaceutical companies.

Food packages worth Rp 170,000 per package is only sold for Rp 25,000 per package, to help ease the burden on housewives in the two villages. Money raised from the sale of the food packages will be allocated for the purposes of the house of worship, such as prayer rooms or mosques that exist in the two villages in question

In his speech at the SOE Present for Home Affairs, Social Activity - The Thrift Shop, Commissioner of PT Kimia Farma (Persero) Tbk, Dr. Wadjdi Farid Husain, Sp.B., KBD invites the audience and invite all the people in that area to be grateful for blessings that have been given by God Almighty, so that it always favors written by God Almighty

"Today the entire management Kimia Farma is present in this place to show a sense of togetherness and also share with the people in this area. We frankly have not been able to share so only use this cheap food, so we ask with respect to mothers of all there is an emotional connection and togetherness in the success of this cheap market, "said Farid in the presence of community leaders and mothers who packed the event

At the event held in the holy month of Ramadan was also attended by all Commissioners and Directors of PT Kimia Farma. Village Head Lebak Wangi, H. Ade, Batukarut Village Head, grandson Rahmat Hidayat, Babinsa, and local community leaders

In his speech, both the village chief and the village chief Lebak Wangi Batukarut expressed gratitude for the presence of PT Kimia Farma well as concern in organizing the bazaar in two villages they

According to Farid, in line with its mission statement of PT Kimia Farma, one of which participate in improving public health development, state-owned company continually strive to increase the number of clinics, pharmacies, and manufacture as well as distribute medicines

"Efforts by PT Kimia Farma aims to nourish us all. Because, if someone is sick because the sick can not work, can not the school, can not perform economic activities and so on. Therefore, let us pray for each other so that a healthy society and Kimia Farma even more advanced, "pleaded Farid

Besides holding a bazaar in the two villages concerned, Kimia Farma management will also conduct a similar move to other areas that are around the business location this state. The aim among others that Kimia Farma as one of the state could continue to attend to the country, particularly in helping to improve the wellbeing of people around the business



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