As a series of Ramadhan Safari activities, the Board of Directors conducts Fast Breaking with Orphans at Semarang Plant together with Kimia Farma Apotek Kimia Business Unit as well as Branch Manager of Kimia Farma Trading Distribution of Central Java Region

The first thing the President Director delivered in his speech was that competitors in the pharmaceutical industry numbered about 240 companies with tremendous competition from across the industry

The interesting thing is that so far pharmaceutical companies are not overly charged with big margins, but are mostly playing in large volumes. So the existence of our plants requires us to synergize and achieve production targets as the plant is upstream of the whole industry.

What makes the board of directors optimistic that Kimia Farma can go forward and grow to be even greater is that in each of our factories that already have specifications of its own products.

Proud achievements have recently been achieved by Marck's Powder awarded as a superbrand product for the "Adult Powder" category and Kimia Farma is also the most branded company in Indonesia

This indicates that Kimia Farma is becoming known as a big player in this industry.

Therefore, the Board of Directors invites to synergize and compete to increase productivity. "If we are careless then our 240 competitors are ready to take over our position", said the President Director in his speech

For information that Kimia Farma is in the 6th position of Indonesian pharmaceutical industry and Kalbe Farma is in the 1st position of Indonesia

With the positioning, the Board of Directors is determined to be the top 3 in 2019. "For that we need everyone's support because in the factory is upstream of this industry. There are 3 important programs in the Board of Directors to run the determination are:

1. Improving competent and competent human resources.
2. Digitalization of industrial processes in accordance with the world trend of all-round IT
3. Alliance / partnership. The Board of Directors seeks strategic partners, guerrillas seeking a competent partner for the advancement of this company

We believe that these 3 main programs will bring Kimia Farma to the next level, the top 3 pharmaceutical industry


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