Standards of Conduct Internal Relations

A. Ethical Companies With Workers

PT Kimia Farma (Persero) Tbk similar treat workers (fair) and not ethnicity, religion and race in all aspects. PT Kimia Farma (Persero) Tbk realize that workers have a role and a very important position as a principal and objectives of the Company.


Therefore, every worker is required to participate and play an active role by increasing the production and productivity of work through a dynamic relationship, harmony, harmonious and balanced between the Company and Workers.

In carrying out this ethics, the company:

1. Referring to the Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) in terms of workers' welfare, healthy competition, provision of facilities and infrastructures, as well as carrying out CBA consistently

2. Ensure that each worker has had PKB books

3. Ensure that every member of Kimia Farma has the right to equal treatment, fair, respectful and friendly by superiors, subordinates and peers

4. Prohibit all forms of discrimination and / or harassment in all activities of the company

5. Ensure all complaints / grievances and / or breach of the standards of behavior will be investigated and followed up in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation

6. Providing legal counsel for workers in every stage of the legal process related to the duties and responsibilities in the Company that is not a complaint of Companies

7. Protect the rights of workers to choose or not choose to be members of trade unions

8. Putting Unions as a partner company by including the Federation of Trade Unions and the United Pekarja or in any decision making related to industrial relations

9. Applying reward and punishment in a manner consistent with applicable regulations

10. Maintain privacy and guarantee of human PT Kimia Farma (Persero) Tbk, which runs worship in accordance with their respective beliefs

B. Ethics Insan Kimia Farma Against Company

In order to realize the company's commitment to stakeholders, then all human PT Kimia Farma (Persero) Tbk is committed to:

1. Always think and behave in the corporate sector and not with the interests of the company ahead of personal interests and groups to give their best for the company

2. Carry out duties in a professional manner with full responsibility and uphold the integrity, honesty and spirit of togetherness

3. Make a plan work well and understand the work objectives along with a measure of success in accordance with the scope of duties

4. Work hard, have the tenacity and fortitude in the face of difficulties and challenges as well as trying to find the best way of completing the task in accordance with a predetermined time

5. Putting the tasks and avoid activities that do not deliver results to the organization

6. Adhering to honesty and do not be tempted to cause corruption, and dare to say the truth and the courage to reject the dishonesty and injustice

7. Mean earnest and disciplined, and flexible in carrying out the task, dare to take responsibility and not pass the buck to others and appreciate punctuality which is one measure of the quality of professional

8. Have a strong motivation to develop themselves and not solely rely on self-development program provided by the company

9. It has a moral responsibility towards the achievement of the vision and mission of the company

10. More priority to the love and loyalty to the company than on the individual leader or co-worker, caring and responsive to customer complaints

11. Refrain from actions that are revenge against superiors, peers, subordinates or other persons both within and outside the work environment

12. Refrain from all actions that could violate the provisions and or abuse their authority

13. Always be commendable as individuals and members of society and not misconduct which can lower the Company's image

14. Comply with all the provisions and values ​​of the company culture to keep and maintain the image and reputation of the company


15. Selalu bersikap terpuji sebagai individu dan anggota masyarakat dan tidak melakukan perbuatan tercela yang dapat menurunkan citra Perusahaan

16. Mematuhi seluruh ketentuan dan nilai-nilai budaya perusahaan untuk menjaga dan mempertahankan citra serta reputasi perusahaan


*untuk lebih lengkapnya dapat di unduh di halaman berikut