Sejarah Kimia Farma

PT Kimia Farma (Persero) Tbk or Kimia Farma has developed into a company with integrated Healthcare services in Indonesia. Kimia Farma’s Healthcare business is supported by pharmaceutical manufacturing, research and development, trading and distribution, retail, clinical laboratories and clinics.

Over the past few years, Kimia Farma has made significant progress and achievements in many aspects of its Healthcare business. In respect of the National Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Independent Program as stipulated in the Ministry of Health’s roadmap and supported by the Economic Policy Package XI and Presidential Instruction No. 6 Year 2016 on the Acceleration of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Industry Development, Kimia Farma is building production facility aiming at reducing dependence on imports of API. Eventually, it enables Indonesia to produce its own API.

As a business agent, under the existence of Ministry of Stated Owned Enterprises (SOE) of Indonesia, Kimia Farma focuses on business expansion to be a Healthcare company with excellent competitiveness. Since being planned in the mid of 2017, Board of Directors (BOD) has established Three Priority Programs in order to achieve Top Three Pharmaceutical Industry in 2019. Those three programs consist of :

  • Intensifying reliable and competent human resources

The basic foundation of Three Priority Programs implementation is embodying the quality of human resources to be more reliable and competent. Execution some strategies in this aspect will escalate Kimia Farma’s industry competitiveness.

  • Digitization

Kimia Farma implements end-to-end digitization aiming to be a leading Healthcare company. This digitization is undertaken in all aspects. Digitization impacts to efficiency and effectiveness, faster business process, and increasing sales.

  • Strategic Alliance

Kimia Farma creates strategic alliance to improve industry rank and competitiveness. This is one of strategies in running business function which is oriented to the aim of long term cooperation between two companies in term of opportunity and risk management to obtain benefit.

Toward a half century of existence in 2021, Kimia Farma commit to increasingly improve best Healthcare services for people in the nation. Besides, Kimia Farma determines to achieve positive performance in order to increase stakeholder’s prosperity.


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